Pre-Order Goods

:: General ::


  • Order only if you’re 100% sure of purchasing item(s).
  • Some of fansite goods order that I opened are just for INA fans. But if you’re an overseas and there’s no representative in your country, and you still want to order, you can talk with me on twitter (@anata_xya)/ LINE (clover8mint)/ send me an email ( ūüėÄ
  • All prices are¬†EXCLUDED¬†shipping fee (TiKi/ EMS/ Registered Air Mail).
  • Kindly¬†noted pre-order time, deadline date for first payment, and shipping time from the fansite¬†to Indonesia.
  • For¬†PHOTOBOOKS¬†pre-order¬†:
    • Prices are subjected to change¬†(could be more or less than the estimated price) depends on total order and custom fee >.<
    • First payment¬†must be paid after you submit the order form and received payment method mail from me.
    • Second payment¬†will be announced later after I’ve received the photobooks.
  • For¬†OTHER GOODS¬†pre-order¬†:
    • Fix prices¬†UNLESS¬†there’s any changes in shipping fee from the fansite to Indonesia.
    • Installment¬†is¬†allowed for order more than IDR 300.000,00 (about USD 30). Just let me know if you wanna take installment^^


:: Payment ::


  • For¬†Indonesian¬†buyers :
    • Payment could be made through bank transfer/ cash deposit to my¬†BNI/ BCA¬†account.
    • If you didn’t have BNI/ BCA account, you can transfer from your bank account as long as they provide “transfer to BNI/ BCA account” facility.
    • If you didn’t have bank account, you can make cash deposit at BNI/ BCA.
  • For¬†overseas¬†buyers :
    • I only accept PayPal.
    • Kindly¬†pay the PayPal fees¬†by yourself. Or you can ask me if your PayPal didn’t have “PERSONAL PAYMENT” option. I’ll calculate the fees for you.

paypal 01 paypal 02

  • You¬†will be notified again IF ONLY there’s any PROBLEM in your payment;¬†IF NOT, it means your payment HAVE BEEN RECEIVED.
  • I’ll only¬†refund¬†payment if the item(s) you¬†ordered is/are out of stock, and NOT under other circumstances.

:: Shipping ::


  • For¬†Indonesian¬†buyers :
    • I’ll use¬†TiKi regular¬†as shipping method.
    • Let me know if you want the package arrive quickly. I’ll use ONS (One Night Service) which more expensive than regular service.
    • Just mention¬†@grilledfish__¬†or contact me at¬†LINE (clover8mint)¬†if you need the consignment note (connote).
    • You can track your package¬†HERE.
  • For¬†overseas¬†buyers:
    • You can choose EMS/ Registered Air Mail as shipping method.


  • I’ll give the tracking number after I’ve shipped your package.
  • You can track your package¬†HERE.
  • Tracking number/ consignment note will be available for tracking in 12 – 24 hours after I shipped out your packages.
  • I will not be responsible if anything is broken/ postage package goes missing in the midst of reaching you. But so far the packages always arrived safely and successfully to all buyers =)

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